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            Disassembly and assembly precautions for rubber O-ring mold

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            Precautions when disassembling the rubber O-ring mold:

              1. When transporting the mold, pay attention to the upper and lower molds (or the fixed mold) in the mold-like hands (one hand on the mold, the other hand on the mold), pay attention to light and steady.

              2. Before the mold disassembly and assembly work, it is necessary to check whether the tool is normal, and operate according to the safe operation rules of the hand tool, pay attention to the correct use of the measuring tool.

              3. When disassembling the mold, first understand the working performance of the mold, the basic structure and the importance of each part, and disassemble them in order.

              4. When using a copper rod or a pry bar to remove the mold, the posture should be correct and the force should be appropriate.

              5. When using a screwdriver:

            a. The screwdriver port should not be too thin or too narrow to prevent it from slipping out when tightening the screw.

            b. Do not hold the parts on your hands and tighten the screws with a screwdriver.

            c. The screwdriver cannot be hammered with a copper rod or a hammer to prevent the handle from splitting.

            d. The screwdriver should not be used as a chisel.

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