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            What are the faults that can easily occur with O-rings?

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            O-rings are prone to failure due to improper use of daily work, such as the occurrence of overheating of the rubber ring. O-ring failure, not only delays the daily work, but also wastes manpower and material resources, resulting in losses, so you must be familiar with the solution to different situations.

            1. O-ring overheating: If the O-ring is overheated, check the centrifugal pump seal chamber and its cooling device as soon as possible. This check is mainly to check whether there is any blockage in the equipment. If there is a blockage, it should be cleaned up in time.

            2, O-ring overheating specifications are not properly selected: O-ring selection will cause permanent deformation, affecting the use, not only the O-ring loses its original performance and breaks, but also prevents the slider from moving. So choose to be careful and match.

            3, O-ring extrusion: O-rings sometimes have a small space, when there is a small space, there will be extrusion phenomenon. At this time, the O-rings should be adjusted immediately to improve the narrow space.

            4. O-ring compression permanent deformation: Another indicator for evaluating the sealing performance of the O-ring is the compression set of the selected material. Under the action of pressure, the O-ring as an elastic element produces elastic deformation, and as the pressure increases, permanent plastic deformation also occurs.

            5, the hardness of the O-ring: O-ring material hardness is the most important indicator to assess the sealing performance. The hardness of the O-ring determines the amount of compression of the O-ring and the maximum allowable extrusion gap of the groove.

            The above is for everyone to use the O-ring is prone to failures, I hope to be helpful to everyone, if there is anything you can not directly understand the communication with our customer service, we are dedicated to serve you, thank you for watching.

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