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            What is the difference between the performance of different types of O-rings?

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            Since the O-ring generates stress during extrusion, it functions as a seal. The basic performance required is to maintain moderate stresses within a range that does not cause abnormal deformation. This basic performance requires no loss of use. Synthetic rubber is the most excellent material with this property. However, the performance of a material cannot cover all the hard-to-solve performance. Therefore, the corresponding materials should be selected according to various purposes. So what are the characteristics of different types of O-rings? Let the staff of O-ring manufacturers give a brief introduction for everyone, I hope to help everyone.

            Dingqing rubber O-ring: It is the most used material, has excellent oil resistance, wear resistance and stable heat resistance. It is resistant to fuel oil such as kerosene and light oil. It is a general fuel oil material.

            Styrene rubber O-ring: Excellent resistance to animal and vegetable oils in materials such as glycol type brake fluid.

            Silicone rubber O-ring: It is the most widely used material in synthetic rubbers with excellent heat resistance and cold resistance. It is a material that is excellent in hot water resistance and water vapor resistance, and is suitable for use in cylinder liners and the like.

            Fluororubber O-ring: The most widely used material for oil resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistance in synthetic rubber.

            Acrylate rubber O-ring: It has better heat resistance than nitrile rubber, especially for engine oil, gear oil and torque converter oil.

            Butyl rubber O-ring: Excellent chemical resistance and water resistance, but difficult to pass through gas. Please do not use it in mineral oil.

            Neoprene O-ring: A material that has excellent weatherability and resistance to Freon gas.

            Polyurethane rubber O-ring: It has excellent mechanical strength, excellent wear resistance and oil resistance, but it will age in chemically active oils with extreme pressure additives.

            The above is for everyone to introduce the relevant content of the O-ring, I hope to be helpful to everyone, thank you for watching.

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